Escorts and Prostitution in Brisbane

State and territory laws govern escorts and prostitution in Australia. The Federal legislation also plays a part in the governing of prostitution in every part of Australia and among Australian citizens including those living outside the country. Brothels are legal in Queensland and they receive their license from PLA (Prostitution Licencing Authority). PLA is supposed to report to Crime and Misconduct Commission which makes their reports directly to parliament. In Queensland, only two types of sex work have been legalized; Private sex work and licenced brothels. Private sex work is whereby a single individual does the sex work on their own. They are not permitted to publicize their services but they are allowed to advertise them with a lot of discretion. Every other type of sex work is not legal in Queensland. Some examples of illegal sex work in Brisbane, Queensland include; prostitution, more than one sex worker in a single premise and unlicensed sex brothels. Below is more information on Escorts and Prostitution in Brisbane.


In the colonial period, there was a lot of emphasis that was placed on indigenous population and immigration in the role they played in encouraging prostitution in Queensland. A lot of concerns were raised which led to the creation of Act for the Suppression of Contagious Diseases in the year 1868. The act aimed at controlling the prostitution in not only Queensland but other regions of the British Empire as well. In 1897, brothels got defined in Queensland Criminal Code section 231. In 1911, another act was made that related to the controlling of venereal diseases; Health Act Amendment Act. Clause 132E stated that solicitation was considered an offence. In 1989, the Fitzgerald Report created a lot of concern about how the laws were being operated. This led to specific inquiries that later led to development of the 1992 Prostitution Laws Amendment Act and the 1999 Prostitution Act. Other acts were implemented in the following years. Prostitution and Other Acts Amendment Act were introduced in the year 2010.

Services on Offer


In Brisbane, there are two kinds of escort services you can get. You can either go for an escort that works independently or hire one from an escort agency. It is advisable to go for escorts from agencies because they offer better services. You will however be required to pay a little more for the escorts you get from agencies.


There are a number of brothels in Brisbane. Brothels are where you get to visit prostitutes and engage in sexual activities of your choice. It is always a good idea to do some research before you decide to walk into any brothel.

Strip Clubs

In Brisbane strip clubs, you get to see either men or women stripping depending on whether you chose a male or female strip club. Apart from stripping, they also offer lap dances and other entertainments.

Massage Parlours

There are a number of massage parlours in Brisbane. These are actually cheap. However, if you want some extra services such as blow jobs or even sex, you will have to pay some more money for the service.


When you are thinking of starting a sex work business or getting services from a sex worker, it is very important to know all the regulations in order to avoid getting into trouble. Make sure you only get sex work from licenced brothels or from independent sex workers. This is legal in Brisbane. However, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law if you go for street prostitution and any other kind of sex work; this will get you into a lot of trouble because it is not allowed in Brisbane.

How to Find Escorts

The best way to find escorts in Brisbane is through online research since most of them are normally very discreet. It may also be a great idea to get a recommendation from a friend who has received the services.

Difference between Escorts and Brothels

A brothel is a premise where sexual activities take place while an escort is someone who offers sex work services; they can be working for an agent or independently.


In conclusion, there are certain sex work activities that are allowed in Brisbane but most sexual activities are illegal. It is therefore important to know what is allowed and what is not so that you do not find yourself in the wrong side of the law.